Which tax preparer can give you the largest refund?

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The correct answer is…..your tax return should be the same no matter who prepares your taxes. While most tax prepares provide outstanding service, there are dishonest tax preparers that fabricate deductions, inexperienced preparers that may not include all deductions or credits that you are entitled to, or even honest prepares that just make a mistake.

Ultimately, you are responsible for what is on your tax return and should review it carefully before signing the return, or the e-file authorization forms. You can also check the following:

•Make sure your preparer has a PTIN number, which should be listed on the bottom of the Form 1040.

•Ask for their professional credential, such as enrolled agent, certified public accountant, or attorney. Tax preparers aren’t required to have a professional credential, but make sure you understand the qualifications of the preparer you select.

•Always make sure any refund is sent to you or deposited into your account. Taxpayers should not deposit their refund into a preparer’s bank account.

•Make sure your preparer will be available even after the deadline. You may want to contact them with questions, to get a copy of your return, or if you do happen to receive a notice from the IRS or state agency.

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